There are many different tiles on the market suitable for use on pitched roofs.
Your choice of tile depends on your budget, the pitch of your roof, local planning regulations, personal preference and last, but not least, the style of your home.

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Concrete roof tiles – Concrete roof tiles are manufactured in a number of styles and designs. They are available in both ‘smooth’ and ‘rough’ textures and in different colours. This tile is used by a high number of clients due to being a more affordable option. It is is worth noting that concrete tiles can have a shorter life expectancy than other types of tile.

Clay roof tiles – Clay roof tiles are available in a variety of colours and finishes which give the roof a more natural and original feel. This tile is a more traditional roofing material and local building control can request for these to be used depending on the location and surrounding property materials. Clay tiles tend to have a longer lifespan than many other types of roof tiles which has made them a very popular roofing material, but this can reflect on the cost.

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